This has been an on-going wish of mine that I really wanted to achieve and fulfil for a long, long time now. To become an independent self-publisher. To figure it all out on my own and have the freedom to be as creative as I want to be with the whole process, from start to finish. Saying it how it is and not sugar coating a single bit. Writing a book of your own that would give practical answers, advice and ideas that I was lacking myself 5 to 6 years a go when my very first psoriasis problems arose for the first time ever and resulted in thick painful plaque formations, sore and bleeding skin areas, crazy non stop itching and constant inflammation, not to mention the burning skin sensations from every single light touch. Fast forward to today, I have managed to figure it all out and that’s the reason why I want to share it all with you, in hopes that it may cut the learning curve for you, saving you time, stress and tears. Learning everything faster, so it doesn’t take you years of trial and error as it did for me to understand what works, how it works and what doesn’t. Let’s jump into it.

Whilst being at university in my first year, I was tapping into more and more self experimentation approaches to find out the best, actual hands on effects and truths of some different diets to see what would be the most optimal approach for someone who’s trying to achieve an athletic, functional and versatile physique. Fast, strong, agile and powerful. That was the main goal. That’s when I discovered keto / ketosis. Final results of keto were astonishing! However, it came through with a dark side and a painful price that I had to pay on my own… Psoriasis started developing at a rapid rate all over my body, my face suffered the most at the time and it seemed as if the developing damage was becoming irreversible. Or so I thought…

Just to be clear, keto wasn’t necessarily the core problem in itself as I still keep doing it from time to time nowadays as well and it has no effect on me what so ever. But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was allergic to a lot of dairy products that never used to effect me from before until I started mega dosing on it. To give you an illustrative example, I used to eat blocks of butter and broccoli by itself as breakfast. Down tubs of double cream like a plain drink. Eating the fattiest meats, cuts and anything that I could get my hands on that had a high fat content. Nuts, seeds, etc. The cheapest way for me to achieve that was mostly through dairy consumption. As I mentioned from earlier, I didn’t know what I didn’t know at the time and it took me many years to figure it all out as to why this was happening because I didn’t understand what was breaking my immune system down / apart and making me sicker with every single passing week. I was a blind “keto cult” follower to say the least. Seeing so many positive effects and changes that other people had and shared their stories online with people fixing up their autoimmunity issues, to skin improvements. I was too narrow minded and blinded not to think outside of the box as I kept saying to myself, this can’t be it because of keto… My energy levels were going up and down way too much as well. This was not something normal to expect from a well structured keto diet. When being in a full ketosis state you should feel more balanced or higher but stable energy levels with little to no slumps. That only happens once you adapt to it fully which for me took about 3-4 days to really go all in. Between days 3-4 I still felt a sluggishness feeling, a mind fog, fatigue energy and brain wise and my energy levels kept getting shattered more and more, but after those first 3-4 days, on days 4-5 is when the magic happened. My energy levels were so damn high and I was so clear in many ways, so present, all my senses heightened, it felt as if my neurons were firing on super mode. Whilst I was in that high ketosis zone, I’ve tried out doing sprints and it was one of the most fantastic training sessions that I’ve ever had in my life! My body started giving out sooner than my energy levels did, usually it’s the other way around for me, but during this time, it was something else. I couldn’t believe it! I did more volume of work than usual, my body was able to tolerate higher intensities. It was pure magic. I loved every single bit of it!

Psoriasis is not a completely new thing for me either in a way, as both my mother and grand father had it. And they’ve had it really bad… Over 70%+ body coverage all over their arms, torso, legs, back, neck, hands and etc. which they had to endure for decades. At least over 20+ odd years. This is when I knew that something has to give. Yes you may have a genetic expression for it, but one thing I firmly knew that most conventional medical wisdom or doctors will rarely admit unless you’re going to the right doctor kind is that your body does not want to be naturally sick. Let me repeat that again. To have constant inflammation of any sorts for whatever the problem that you are facing is not natural or normal, but it is common for a lot of people. It may be the environment that’s affecting it that allows that specific gene expression to active more, it may be the food and diet that you are consuming (which I found to be the number one cause not only for myself, but for many others as well when I did my research over the years), it may be the products that you are using topically, it could be the lifestyle choices that you are making, such as a lack of sleep or a bad sleeping pattern, it could also be other stressors in life that you may not be aware of. Ranging from anything like deodorants, make up, skin care products, creams, perfumes, after shaves, lotions, sun screen and etc. Everything that you put onto and into your body has a direct effect on your well being! I’m the 3rd generation to have it in my family, however the 1st one to be able to fix it time and time again through diet and lifestyle choices. I promised myself that I will try and try and try again, no matter how long it takes or how hard it gets. No matter how many times I might break down, cry, complain and get frustrated. I was not prepared to give up. I also promised myself that if I didn’t try at least 1000 different times, I have not tried hard enough. Guess how many different tries it took me until I solved the problem? Out of the 1000 promised minimum tries, it took me somewhere between 30-40 different things to try to know what works to get rid of it all. Modern, conventional wisdom will also tell you that it’s a incurable disease. I call horse shit on that statement! Those who have achieved the same and similar results know this too. It’s because most doctors don’t look into the core problems of a disorder such as psoriasis. The gut and inner inflammation. Does this sound familiar to you? You come into the doctors office, have a chat/consultation and then get either drugs, light therapy or topical steroidal creams or whatever else pill wise prescribed and that’s it. That’s all the help and guidance that most people will get. It’s absurd!

I’m super grateful that I took matters into my own hands and documented the whole journey along the way with photos and notes, to see the changes happening with before and afters. It took me about 2-3 years of constant trial and error to really dive deep into it all. I didn’t repeat something once or twice, I did it at least 5-6 times if not more to be absolutely sure and 100% certain that this aspect of whatever that I was doing at the time is definitely the thing that’s affecting my psoriasis, making it worse or re-appear again. Like a proper scientific experiment where you share your finding with others and other scientists try to repeat the same experiment themselves to see if they get the same results, critiquing the methodology, findings and conclusions An open dialogue and discussions of how things can be improved. If it is true, it should repeat itself under most or any conditions. I’ve tried different foods and diets under different circumstances to be as less bias as possible. When having no sleep, a lack of sleep, high stress, low stress, too much food, not enough food. Fasted and non-fasted. Paleo, keto, pescatarian, vegan (raw and non-raw), carnivore (all meat), all grains, all bananas, all potatoes, all fruit, all veg and etc. I tried it all. And the things that I have discovered along the way formed my starting philosophy of “Psoriatry“. An approach that I now use whenever in need if there is an issue arising or when I want to let myself go for a bit with certain foods to enjoy life a bit more.

You don’t have to be vegan or even pre-dominantly vegan in this approach how I’ve seen many other people doing it and having great results with it nonetheless. I’ll discuss the why’s and what’s about it all in the later stages which I wanted to include in my new upcoming book.

I’m aiming to launch the book somewhere in late 2021 if not early 2022. The design cover is already done, most of the content outlined and some chapters already written. The only thing that I’m missing right now is time, to keep on working on it, polishing the different chapters and also adding in extra ideas from other peoples experiences, such as yourselves, To be able to include as much value packed information as I can in a short, simple, concise and no bullshit filled practical and results driven book. All my thoughts, trials and errors, failures, observations, notes and experiments that I’ve done and kept doing. So you can have a head start yourself and figure out what your personal triggers are. Everyone’s different, however, there are some commonalities that you can adapt from the “Psoriatry” approach. I firmly believe this can be a game changer for men and women alike. A raw and honest how-to book with answers that I wish I knew myself back then when I had sleepless, stressed and overwhelming nights. A bleeding face with thick itchy, scaly plaques was not something I was prepared to live with for the rest of my life. And I’m thankful that I took that risk to figure stuff out on my own, because if it wasn’t for the grit, persistence and constant self-analysis, I think I would have had those huge problems to this day, if not ten times worse.

I’ll be sharing some information on it all in due time in the forms of podcast episodes, videos and more blog posts as to what other things worked and what didn’t and how long you should wait or expect the results to show up by. Hopefully it gives yourself as a reader a new, more fresh perspective as to how to tackle the problem head on whilst maintaining that positive hope that it can be improved. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what you’d like to see in this new upcoming book, drop me a quick message on my contact page at and I’d love to hear your personal struggles, stories, thoughts and ideas to see if I can cover those aspects in the book as well with as much detail as possible. Alternatively, you can also sign up to my book release waiting list on my newsletter for any upcoming launch updates and notifications that I’ll be releasing in due course. You can access the newsletter here, by clicking this link: PSORIASIS BOOK WAITING LIST

I’ll see you in the next blog post, my friend. Speak to you soon!

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